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Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol

In the direction of the software composability, on the first step we designed the Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol (SCSCP) by which a computer algebra system (CAS) may offer services and a client may employ them. We envisage clients for this protocol including:

  • A Web server which passes on the same services as Web services using SOAP/HTTP protocols to a variety of possible clients;
  • Grid middleware;
  • Another instance of the same CAS (in a parallel computing context);
  • Another CAS running on the same computer system or remotely.

All messages in the protocol are represented as OpenMath objects, using the new Content Dictionaries scscp1 and scscp2, developed for this purpose.

The protocol determines the format of the remote procedure calls and returned results, including options to specify, for example, runtime and memory requirements, and other directives. Moreover, as well as transmission of actual mathematical objects, we support transmission of references, which can be used in subsequent requests. For example, we envisage the possibility to construct and manipulate large mathematical objects on remote grids, while there is no need to send anything over the Internet apart from the properties the user is interested in.

The diagram below explains possible ways of SCSCP usage.



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